Basic Computer Terminology

I would like to introduce to you some of the basic computer terminology and basic parts of a computer which will be very useful for you in your technology career or to use in the future. It is also necessary for you to familiarize yourself with them. They will help you to make a better purchase when buying a new or a used computer.

Here are the basic computer terminology:

CD-ROM: This acronym means ‘Compact Disk – Read Only Memory’. This is standard equipment in most computer systems. It is a fiber optical disk which stores the information in a digital form.

RAM: This part is the Random Access Memory device. It is a temporary memory. The RAM holds the data until the power is on. It is usually placed on the mother board of your system. It is faster and more expensive than ROM.

Cache: Cache is another kind of short-term memory. The system uses cache to rapidly move intermediate data between the RAM and the CPU.

CPU: The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is just like the mind of your computer system. It basically controls all the peripherals found on a computer system.

Hard Drive: The hard drive, is a permanent memory, it is also referred to as the hard disk. The most important data like the Operating System, software and many other programs are stored in the Hard Drive.

Keyboard: It is just like a typewriter keyboard, it is what you use mostly to talk to the computer system. A keyboard is a type of an input device by which we enter the data into the system.

Megahertz (MHz): This number represents the clock speed of the microprocessor. It is usually measured in MHZ. It displays the number of calculations carried per second.

Memory: This is the circuitry or devices that stores information in an electrical or magnetic form.

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