How to get better Google Search results?

Today Google is internet, “just google it” but sometimes this IT industry giant may not give you the search results you require or wish for. To get the results we want we only have to do something because today there are more than 250 million websites on the web and it is a lot difficult for google to manage all. we can improve our search results very easily by just bringing a slight change in the way we search. below I have listed a few ways I came through yesterday.

Type More

The more keywords you type the better results you get from google search, most of the people are lazy, they just type a word with five alphabets and hope to get a good result. that is not the way yes it works for rare topics but if want something big and famous then you need to give google more keywords.

Be Exact

For better results it is good if you type the whole phrase or sentence to find it. for example, if I want to know about a song which is not so famous or not a super hit then to get the results, I need I would type a few lyrics of the song.

Search Within

One more way to get good results is to specify a site from which you want the information. you can specify the site either by typing a whole grammatical statement like “download software’s from” or you can specify the site by typing for example “site:” after the keywords (remember to change by the website from which you want the information)

The “OR” Operator

Google supports an operator “OR” which can be used if you have to make two searches, you can do both of them in one. all you have to do is just type you keywords by placing “OR” in between the words, Google will sort out all the sites containing your keywords.


This is useful when you are not sure about your keywords, you can use the * operator to expand your search. just type * in between the two keywords to get expanded search results. for example, I want software tutorials so I would type software*tutorials to get expanded results like “audio tutorials,” “books,” “videos on programming” etc.

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