How to web browsing with no trace?

I visited social media sites such as twitter and Facebook from my computer and no one had any trace that I was using social networking during my exams, sounds cool?

You too can be kind of a professional by leaving no traces about your browsing habits and your password. How cool is that ? No trace web browsing.

CAUTION: After reading this post you might start feeling like a professional hacker or Sherlock Holmes :-p

Your cookies, history or downloads data is stored by your browser and your browser is installed on your hard drive where anyone can get access, it is a vulnerability.

If anyone is able to gain access to your computer, he or she can easily get your stored passwords and other data which might have a really disastrous result. I am sure you do not want it, right?

One solution to this problem is, Linux or other operating systems which can directly boot from a usb storage device. That way all your data will remain in that device only and even if someone gains access to your computer your privacy will not be compromised.

The solution we are going to discuss here is the Linux one. Linux is easier because you do not have to worry about licenses. Here your browser is loaded live from your USB storage device sometimes known as a pen drive or jump dirve

What if you can take your web browser with you?

Your data will remain with you only and you will be safe. Here we will use a USB tool named PhortabeApps although there are a few others available on the web but this one is very cool and easy to use.

The biggest benefit of choosing portable apps over Linux is that you do not have to get into the trouble of configuring and starting your live operating system. It just runs on your current windows installation like any other application

what it does is it directly runs your browser from your pen drive (USB).

All you have to do is just download the installer   and install it to the root of your USB thumb drive.

Two of the most secure web browsers are Chrome and Mozilla and PortableApps gives you both.

In both chrome and Mozilla there are hundreds of security plugins which you can use.

PortableApps, configuring it is simple.

download the setup from the link I have provided above and install it to your pen drive. it installs like any other application.

PortableApps is not limited to web browsers only, once you install it you can choose other applications which you want to use from this application. After the install, you can run the portable apps user interface directly from your pen drive and use the apps you want to.

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