Top 6 free Nintendo DS Emulators

The field of Nintendo DS emulation is not that wide. You can spend days searching. You will not get many Nintendo DS emulation. If you want to know the best free emulators available for Nintendo DS in the Android system. You need not go far. We will go over 6 of the top ones in this article. This blog post will open some closed doors for you when it comes to play Nintendo games. Even though some of them have been on the market for a while, do not let that fool you.

As you recall the Nintendo DS or the NDS for short were very popular before the cell phones era. Many kids had them all over the world. The cell phones and other portable devices replaced most of these consoles. I tried a few of the replacements games in these phones. I have to tell you, the feeling is not the same.

Free Nintendo DS Emulators

If you are one of those people that had to have your portable Nintendo DS or NDS console, do not be in despair. There are some helps. I concur that these helps are not exact replacements for Nintendo DS games, but they will help a little.

Not all are lost my friend! Android devices have many options available for Nintendo DS lovers. They come by way of what’s call emulators. As you will see, some of these emulators are pretty good. In this article, we are going to go over some of the best free Nintendo DS emulators available on android devices.
There are many options in Android to keep the fun alive, but knowing which ones will do the jobs takes a bit of know how. In this blog, we’ll talk about the best free android emulators you can find in the Android system to keep the fun going.

Here are some of the Emulators that we will be writing about. These are not in any particular order of course. We will mostly highlights the positive sides of these emulators.

The top free Nintendo DS Emulators plus one non-free

NDS Emulator
Free DS Emulator (.APK)
Ase DS Emulator
Pretendo NDS Emulator
DraStic DS Emulator (non-free)

It is extremely easy to play Nintendo games on android. All you have to do is search for your favorite games and download them in google play. Although this is very easy for google play, it is not the only option. Some games are not available in google play store. You have to download the game directly on the net from a different sources and install the .apk.

A PhD is not required to download and install them, but it is a different process from just search on google play and install. It requires that to find the .apk file on the web and install it manually. Files with .apk extension are installer for Android. You just launch them and they install for you. There is a setting that is on by default on android that blocks installing third party apps. You would need to disable that before you proceed though.

Here we go, in no particular orders. We are going to list the emulators and some details about each.

NDS Emulator

We are going to start with NDS Emulator. NDS Emulator is one of the best and commonly used NDS emulators. NDS Emulator as we have said, are emulators that allow you to play NDS games on Android devices. To get the feel of NDS Emulator, you do need a much powerful android device. You need to take advantage of Nintendo’s crisp and clear screen. Because the NDS console is a bit large, you also need a bit larger screen as well. You also need storage to save states, customizations and so on. The NDS Emulator is loaded with features.

NDS emulator

Some features of the NDS Emulator emulations are:
It goes along with outside gamepad support. That’s very cool. You can pretty much have the same feel as the original if you choose to use the gamepad option.

You can save game states. That is, if you have to do something in the middle of the game, you can hit save state and come back where you left the game.

Though you need a bit powerful android devices to enjoy these emulators, NDS Emulator, will be fine on any android above 4.0

The NDS Emulator, is a very fast emulator as compared to the other free ones.

Free DS Emulator

The next NDS emulator that you can install from .apk is the Free DS Emulator. One of the key features that make this DS emulator a commanding NDS emulator for download are the cheat codes that come loaded with the Free DS emulator. It permits you to modify the placements and the emulator panels as well. The last time I checked, this one if no longer available in Google Play, but you can still enjoy it. Just search on google for Free DS Emulator and install using the .APK. You can just search for it and download and play or save it for later enjoyments.

Major features of the free DS Emulator
As the previous one, it does have a state save features as well.
A cool feature is a the display merging and double pane display
This one also has support for external gamepad so that you can mimic the feel of the real thing.
The free DS Emulator also comes equipped with the states save capabilities which allow you to save game states.
The link to download the Free DS Emulator is here.


Classic games lovers are not left out. Fanatics of classic games can use the GENPlusDroid to bring back some story fun to the arena. Genplus has all the old features of classic games that you are accustomed to. You can do landscape, portrait mode. You can do replays of your favorite moves. This one also has capabilities of wireless controls. Unlike some of the other ones, you do not need to jailbreak your device to do more with this emulator. You can download the apke  here

Highlights of GENPlusdroid are
Better display qualities.
You can use gamepads with many controls.
It’s your choice if you want to play with the keyboard or your controller.
This one allows you to use the compacted files format.
Ability to save settings and states in Rom with no root access.

AseDS Emulator

The AseDS emulator is sort of like the new kid on the block in Google Play. This one too offers to way to install it. You can head over to your google play store or you can use the .apk to install it. Whichever way you choose, after install you will be pleased. Since it is kind of new, it borrows a lot of the features from the big guns and enhance them for better enjoyments.
A great deal of fanciful features make the AseDS Emulator one of the most sought after emulator for Nintendo lovers. It has a special feature call smoothing. You just have to try it to belive it. To try all AseDS has to offer, head over to to download it


Some highlights of AseDS are:
You can bind buttons and design custom layouts.
There is support for microphones.
It has the ability to be used with wireless controllers.
Ase DS reduces flickers by itself.
This emulator does have a feature that will skip frames in an automatic way.
As with others, the states of the games can be saved for later use.


NDS4droid can be downloaded here. 
Now comes one of the elders. I am pretty sure you know a bit about this one. If you are familiar with the Nintendo DS emulators, then you definitely heard of the nds4droid emulator. It is arguably one of the, if not the oldest, but do not let that fool you. This emulator is packed with features. It brings a lot of competitions to the table.

Head over to google play now and download the nds4droid. If you are brave soldier, you can also install it by using the .apk. Either way of installing it, you will find lots of fun. The NDS4droid is one of the emulators that brought most of the features that the others are using now. It also has some special tweaks settings that you use to make it more enjoyable.


Notable feature Features of NDS4DROID:
Much enhance logical speed with the ability to enhance some performance tweaks.
Since it is one of the parent of emulators, it has lot of supports.
The graphic display is top notched as compare to the others.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

Now comes the Pretendo NDS Emulator. Just like the ones above, Pretendo is also free. What sets it apart from the other ones is this one has no annoying ads that are popping up like in most free android apps. You can install Pretendo from the Google Play store. Both RAM and ROM can be tweaked. File types sich as zip, rom and ds can be opened by it. Further, the looks and feel of Pretendo makes it appear to be like the real thing.

Positives for the Pretendo NDS
Ability to store and retrieve games whenever you want.
It has double match feature with the twin touchscreen interface
The Pretendo supports portrait positioning with the ability to have it rotate to landscape by itself.
It reduces flickers and frame skips.
Please download it here.

Drastic Emulator

As a bonus, the previous emulators are all free to download. You do not have to pay anything. You just have to head over to Google Play on your android devices, install and play. As with most free android apps, all except one have advertisements in them. That was the case the last time we tried them. There is one emulator though not free, but worth mentioning. This is the case for Drastic Emulator. We are mentioning because this is solid. It is one of the best emulators for android. This thing can take a few punches. It will hold its ground on almost anything you throw at it. Drastic Emulator costs only $4.99. Link to install is here. 

drastic DS emulator

Remarkable things about the Drastic emulator:
It has the capabilities to customize the controller.
You can customize the screen whichever way you want.
There is support for cloud storage.
You can multiply the resolutions for better views
Lots more features, download and try it you will see

There you have it. The 6 free android emulators for you to consider. All is not lost for Nintendo DS lovers. These emulators should bring comfort to any Nintendo DS aficionado.

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